Senior Experience Designer

I have a passion for new and innovative ideas, I'm well suited to a fast paced, highly collaborative environment, and love to get stuck into the complex detail within any industry.

With every project I look to develop a high level strategy and ensure the clearest tactical execution, however, I always maintain a strong focus on the customer experience.

I’m highly ambitious and looking for a challenge.


Tourism Ireland

Exciting travellers with the beauty of Ireland

Creating new experiences for the Tourist board of Ireland, including a program for measuring customer satisfaction, new Trip Idea pages, the additional of translation services on the community forum and, working on a campaign to promote Game of Thrones.

The internal project team is a mixture of diciplines including Data Planners, Front-end and Back-end developers, Designers and UX who work together on all project following a learn project methodology.

I have championed a design studio methodology which further helps the team to analysis a problem and develop solutions within a sort timeframe.

Since working on the project the site has seen significant improvements in all measurements of success.

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Global responsive web platform

Supporting the global rollout and enhancement of a unified web platform, working closely with a development team in Istanbul and a client team based in Tokyo. My position includes leading the internal project team and mentoring junior UX designers. The development and maintenance of the platform revolves around a waterfall approach with a quarterly defined schedule. Each new project requires multiple iterations of design and feedback before signoff with BU’s and Regional stakeholders.

Alongside platform development, my responsibilities have included; developing a global program of user testing including lab based testing and remote studies; creating proposals for new methods of working to optimise the global teams process, and being accountable for all UX deliverables.

Design & Maintainence: Global responsive website platform
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National Trust

Helping the UK connect with it’s rich national heritage

Working in a large team to concept and develop a new responsive platform for the National Trust. There was a huge challenge in enabling multlple content producers to create and curate sections of the site to promote individual properties and places to vistit in the UK.

Designers, UX and developers worked closely together in an agile methodology to develop the final design. Regular client presentations were required to signoff new ideas and ensure the Trusts' operational setup could effectively adopt any new approaches.

The site, along with new mobile apps, kick started a new online presence for the National Trust that has proved successful amoungst the target audience and has been nominated for numerous awards and won acclaim from the likes of econsultancy.

Design: New responsive website platform
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Grab a ride with the sharing economy

Working with the Liftshare in house development team to increase user sign up and customer enagement throughout their service offering. Trust is a key factor when designing an experience for the sharing economy and several key tactics were adopted to ensure a consist, friendly and confident messaging was used throughout the service.

The output included updates to landing pages of the site, aimed at specific customer segments to improve overall signup rate, and optimisation of the android and iOS app to address customer concerns and improve user experience.

The design of a new Apple Watch app to accompany the iOS app required me to learn a new set of skills that focused around clear communication on a small scale, interactions and micro-moments of expereince.

The mobile app won a silver Love award in 2015 in Mobile Utilities and Services category.

Updates to: Responsive Website / iOS App / Android App
New UX Design: Apple Watch App
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Cathay Pacific

App and Responsive web design

Supporting the next chapter of the world’s best airline, simpler, cleaner, and customer-focused. Working as a UX designer on a fast paced prototype design project, concepting the future site of the Cathay Pacific airline.The design side of the project was run alongside development, working in one week sprints to generate updates to a live prototype each iteration.This prototype was later used as the basis of a larger site redesign project for the global Cathay Pacific site.

A second project was started to focus on a new mobile app experience, working with the Kony Development platform in a ‘build-once’ methodology. Through efforts of the UX team, a strong focus was placed on the customer experience through the development of experience principles, personas and a customer narative approach. Half of the project team including myself co-located with the client team in Hong Kong whilst the other half worked from London; a great opportunity to learn to communicate effectively over different time zones.

Concept: Responsive website
UX Design: Cross platform app
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Global Digital Automotive Platform

The Renault-Nissan Alliance embarked on a large scale project to rebuild their global web presence onto a single new platform. This meant designing and developing a modular, responsive site using flexible templates and components which could be used across six brands, Renault, Nissan, Infiniti, Dacia, Datsun, and Samsung Motors. In total, this involves 378 websites across 176 markets.

As a Senior UX Architect, I worked with a small team to enable Renault to ensure experience development projects could be incorporated into the new platform. This involved working closely with Business Analysts and the client team to perform a comprehensive gap analysis of all customer research and digital concepts, and then to redesign how insights captured from these projects could be incorporated into the new platform.

The result was the development of many new features on the site, many of which aimed to improve the customer aftercare service and booking of ongoing maintenance packages.

Design: Responsive website
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Virgin Atlantic

Optimising booking process

Working on supporting ongoing rollout of global web platform including the optmisation of booking and purchase flows for multiple regional variations and the display of complex pricing and class information for partnership airlines.

A second project was undertaken to design a new app concept within a small team, moving from concept to full build in six weeks. This was a speculative project that required a fast turnaround, but led to some innovative interaction design that was loved by the client. This concpet was further developed to be the current Virgin Atlantic app experience.

A separate expereince fo connected in-flight entertainment system was also created alongside a visual designer. This was prototyped using Adobe Edge Animate within which I was self taught. The expereince allows customers to access information connect to the flight and to access paid for content through a connected third party platform.

The Virgin Atlantic Website has won many awards for user experience and design.

Design: Responsive Website / iOS App / Android App
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Interactive Investor

Investing for everyone

Working within a small team using a design-in-the-browser approach to create a new version of the consumer facing website. A live module library was developed during the design process using atomic principles and updated daily to align with new designs.

There was a large UX challenge in the display of information requiring the team to craft clear explanations and presentation of complex data to customers who may be new to trading platforms.

The new design incorporated a new branding style and optimised all parts of the site including sign up process, account areas, terminology definitions and a new community section.

UX Design: Responsive website
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Sky Go

Multi-platfrom TV experience

The Sky Go platform enables customers to discover and view a huge catelogue of TV shows and movies.

During my time at Sky I worked on every platform on which the service is available, including new apps for the Xbox and Playstation consoles. Due to the 10-foot viewing expereince, new intuitive navigation patterns were developed to enable easy navigation of multi-level navigation.

Development of version 2.0 of the mobile app led to a fast paced iterative approach including many rounds of usability testing that was performed on prototypes I created. The development of these was a self-driven exercise that required the learning of many new skills and apps.

Design: Website / iOS App / Android App / PS3 App / Xbox App
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Sky Wifi

Access the UK’s largest hotspot network

The Sky Wifi app helps users to get online anywhere in the UK by connecting them to a huge range of wifi hotspots. Previously the app had been run by a separate company before being combined with Sky’s service.

A new look and feel for the Android and iOS apps was created to keep the new product inline with Sky brand guidelines. I worked as the sole designer on this project, creating new page designs and assets for two platform specific apps. Small improvements were also made to the page flow and feedback to ensure the best customer expereince was achieved.

The development of these updates meant working closely with several developers to implement, review and update changes on a daily basis.

Updates: iOS App / Android App
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Enhancing content discovery

From concept to platform-wide rollout this project included designing best in class features of the UK’s most popular second screen experience.

I worked on both the cross-platform app and set-top box experience. The app required the development of new features, navigation and asset creation for both iOS and Android platforms across mobile and tablet device. I worked with UX designers and Visual designers to bring the expereince to life, specifically focusing on the zeebox (now rebranded as Beamly) second screen experience.

I was enlisted on a small team to develop concepts for the future of content discovery on the Sky box. This project saw the team run workshops with real customers to gain insights into potential features, and then develop ideas into live prototypes. The output of this project includes ‘Watchlist’, ‘Series Link’, ‘ Watch Next’, ’Top Picks’ features and more.

This was a major step forward for the platform has hardware constraints had previously limited innovative new features.

Updates: iOS App / Android App
Concept design: Sky+ Set-top box
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St George’s Chapel Windsor

Targeted Direct Mail campaign

Design and production of multiple direct mail items which were used to appeal to an influential audience. Each tier was designed to align to the overarching brand, however varied print techniques were used for each.

My work on the project included graphic and print design, artworking, production and prototyping high quality replicas for client presentation. Working only with the Creative Director gave me huge responsibility on the outcome of the project.

Direct Mail - Print Project

Crufts - 2012

Marketing the world’s largest dog show

To help promote the 2012 Crufts event, our team was enlisted to design and produce many promotional items including printed leaflets, direct mail items and animated digital assets for various sites.

My role including artworking and production of all digital and print assets, developing custom assets for specific partner websites and the creation of bespoke cutting guide patterns for complex die cutting on printed direct mail items.

Direct mail - Print Project


Targeted Advertising for small retailers

ADEON is a product and service eco-system that aims to support the declining number of shoppers on the British high street.

The system uses digital screens placed around a town centre to directly target individuals that are identified via a partnership app. Anonymous analytics are used to furture enhance the experience. Customers can be targeted from their recent purchases and provided with promotions for their loyalty.

Many small shops in a town can form a coalition to fund and support this system, generating a wealth of customer data that was previously out of reach of many smaller retailers. ADEON brings cutting edge technology to small shops in an affordable way.

Final Year Major Project - Industrial Design Degree